Kaze and The Wild Masks Reveals Fresh Gameplay Footage

Hi-bit action title Kaze and The Wild Masks is Vox Game Studios’  homage to the 2D mascot platformers that decorated the nineties. Starring a long-eared rabbit, the Unity crafted adventure sees you sprinting, leaping, and propeller-diving through luscious pixel art levels bursting with strange baddies and a high emphasis on vertical exploration.

It’s now reached the second phase of the SBGames Official Selection, and in the lead up to the demo reveal, Vox Games Studios is showing off some gameplay, a soundtrack taster, and the first boss battle with ‘Mother Mona’. The level presentation and nomenclature, Windmill Shores, is heavily reminiscent of Sonic’s iconic layout for Sega Genesis, while the letter collectibles seem like a direct throwback to Donkey Kong Country.

Vox Game Studios appear to have first announced Kaze and The Wild Masks in September 2016, which suggests the game has been in development for roughly one year.

Kaze and The Wild Masks is headed to Steam in the near future. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions are in the works too.