Deliciously Retro Beat ‘Em Up ‘Wishmere’ Approaches Full Release

Wishmere is a home-brew brawler that harnesses the charm of retro arcade games. Mechanically, it’s been described as a fusion of Smash Brothers and Guilty Gear, and puts a premium on single player content. After roughly two years of blood, sweat and tears, two-man team Crayder Studios is ready to slingshot it out of early access.

Prepare for a deep, complex fighting system that’s governed by surprisingly simple controls, manipulation powers that let you bend time to your will, and a riveting story campaign. The tale follows an ancient order of seven heroes known as ‘wishmere’, each one blessed with unique movesets, skill trees, and special abilities. Naturally, Wishmere does also feature local versus and co-op modes (for up to four players) in addition to singleplayer mode.

Wishmere is launching on September 26 for both PC and Mac. You’ll be able to pick up a copy for $11.99 USD through Steam or the Humble Store. In the mean time, interested players can check out the Steam demo.