Bluehole Originally Only Expected Less Than 300K PUBG Sales In The First Year

When Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene pitched the Battlegrounds concept to Korean developer Bluehole Studios, the executives thought that his Battle-royale concept would surface just under 300k sales in the first year of launch. While Brendan had high hopes for his game expecting around 1 million sales, he was blown away when he sold two million copies in around five weeks.

“A lot of the [internal team], they really couldn’t believe it,” he told Polygon. “There was a few veterans of the game industry that were [saying], like, ‘No, no. 200,000 [or] 300,000 the first year.’ But then when we hit that first million, there were a lot of smiles around the office.”

And the PUBG craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, last month we say the title beat CS:GO’s highest concurrent player count.

“I mean, we’re walking around wondering why we’ve been this successful,” Greene said. “You know, I had faith in my own game mode … but [10] million copies and number one on Steam in just under five months I think we’re at now? It’s just crazy to me.”

PUBG is out now for PC. An Xbox One release is planned for early 2018. So far, there is no news regarding a PS4 release.