Zero-Gravity FPS Skyfront Floats Onto Steam

Not to be confused with the phonetically similar James Bond film, Skyfront is a lavish, virtual reality FPS that’s taking up residency on Steam in a couple of weeks.

It’s set in a thriving, idyllic future 700 years from now, where a unique competition called Skyfront Tournament exists. In it, participants coast around an ivory, omnidimensional archipelago (Greek islands, anyone?) with such complete freedom of movement it’s akin to flying; their objective is to exterminate opponents in multiplayer, team-based matches that resemble both Halo: Forge and sci-fi adventure film Ender’s Game. Players are free to take advantage of three different weapons, four special abilities for a strategic boost, and a mysterious game-changing locomotion device.

Skyfront will launch on September 29 as part of the Steam early access program. The full release will bring in more game modes like Capture The Flag, Single Deathmatch, an assemblage of destructive tools, extend the number of playable maps, and let you shoot it out against AI opponents.