Destiny 2 Clan Rewards Revealed

You better get social if you want to snag some extra unlockables! Bungie has just unveiled the clan rewards you can receive in Destiny 2. In order to be eligible for the rewards, you need to obviously join a clan – however, if you are interested in leading your own clan you only need to friends to get the progression going.

Once you manage to enter a clan, every in-game activity (nightfall strikes, crucible, raid, or the Trials of the Nine) adds points towards your clan’s progression and eventually raises its own levels. Here are what you can expect from each of the levels:

– level two provides you with additional Glimmer from uncoding engrams
– level three increases the rewards of public events
– level four will improve Cabal loot
– level five’s perk might increase the amount of rep tokens you gain in Nightfall strikes, the Raid or the Trials of the Nine
– level six strengthens every other bonus

Every member will be able to contribute towards the progression, rewarding players with loot and other bonuses. The more you progress the better the bonuses. What’s more, clans will be shared and synchronised across platforms. Pretty cool huh?

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4, Xbox one and PC.

(Via gamereactor)