Famitsu to Have a “Surprise Scoop” on a “Long Awaited Title” In Next Issue

Japanese gaming mag Famitsu will have a "surprise scoop" in its next issue and not just for any game, but for a "long awaited title."

This was teased in this week's issue's back-pages where it states, "The silence is broken on a long awaited title…Information will be revealed at last."

Also of note, next week's issue will also cover a "huge Capcom project," and a Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) interview. So, what game could this surprise scoop be alluding to? I'm speculating here, but seeing as Famitsu will have an interview with SCE, could this possibly be for The Last Guardian? I mean, anything on the game right now would be a "surprise," and it's definitely one of the most "long awaited titles" this generation, right?

Of course, it could also be for an Idolmaster game or an obscure RPG, but I'm hoping it's not seeing as they did state it's for a "long awaited game." 

Another candidate would be Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Same with The Last Guardian, it has been off the grid for quite some time now and it's also anticipated by a lot of gamers — especially in Japan.

If given a choice, which game would you want this surprise scoop to be? The Last Guardian or Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Assuming it's one of the two.

Source: Gematsu