Killing Floor 2 Is Out Now On Xbox One

Tripwire Interactive has announced that their co-op first person shooter bloodbath, Killing Floor 2 has finally made its debut on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

‘We’re excited to finally bring Killing Floor 2 to the Xbox One family of devices, including the Xbox One X this November,” said David Hensley, Game Director at Tripwire Interactive. “Xbox has a rich history of dynamic FPS franchises and we’re thrilled to bring our game to their platform.’

The game will be making full use of Xbox One X’s enhancements when the console launches November 7th. The enhancements include 1800p native, increased performance, high-resolution textures, shadow maps, and increased shadow fade out distance. Performance and visually, this makes the Xbox One X the best console to play the shooter on.

Killing Floor 2 is available now on Xbox One for $39.99.

In other Killing Floor 2 news, if you were wondering why the game won’t be running at 4K, we’ve got an explanation for you.

‘Tripwire Interactive’s action-packed zombie-killing title,  Killing Floor 2, was confirmed for Xbox One release on August 29th.

The game already features impressive and gory visuals that add to the experience, but sadly, the studio wasn’t able to achieve 4K on Microsoft’s console. WCCFTech reached out to Senior Graphics Programmer Dave Elder for an explanation on why the development team decided to abandon 4K support and go for the native 1080p instead.’