Hideo Kojima Shares Fond Memories From Konami Days

The world-renowned video game developer, Hideo Kojima, has been a household name for decades when it comes to gamers. This developer has brought out a number of grand video game titles and franchises that continue to receive new installments to this very day. Though, when Hideo Kojima’s name is brought up today, it’s not at all odd to find it followed up with disdain towards Konami.

Konami was once a beloved development studio from which it had previously brought out a number of incredible titles alongside the releases by Hideo Kojima. Though, its current direction has lost a wide portion of its fan base alongside one of their most prominent key players, Kojima himself.

In a recent interview by Toyokeizai, Hideo Kojima reflects back to the more glory days of working at Konami. For instance, the developer recalled back at the early days of getting just three hours of sleep each day when he first started productions of his video games, back when there were only five people attached to the development of his titles.

Even at those earliest of days, Kojima had made note that Konami had helped him see through his production. This was the case all the way until the end of Kojima’s days at the company.

Hideo seemed to be most fond of the fact that while at Konami, there was never any forcefulness by the company to make a video game in a particular way, but instead, allowed the developer to craft his project into the vision only he could see.

Though Konami may have had better days, gamers are eagerly waiting to see more of Hideo Kojima’s latest video-game release under his own production studio, Kojima Productions. The video game title is known as Death Stranding, though very little information has been released on what the video game narrative will be about.

With no release date attached to the video game as well, we do know that Death Stranding will eventually release on the PlayStation 4 platform.