505 Games To Publish Kickstarted Underworld Ascendant

505 Games has announced that it will be publishing OtherSide Entertainment’s upcoming addition to the Underworld franchise, Underworld Ascendant.

“It’s another big moment for 505 Games, having the opportunity to partner with this talented team on such an iconic brand,” said Neil Ralley, president of 505 Games. “Ultima Underworld is among the greatest PC RPGs ever made, and we look forward to what Paul, Warren and their team will accomplish with the next generation of the franchise.”

“We’ve found a great partner in 505 Games; one who really supports and understands indie developers,” said Paul Neurath, CEO, OtherSide Entertainment. “We also have our fans to thank for helping make this dream a reality. Everyone who backed Underworld Ascendant on KickStarter is an important part of this project and we plan to keep them involved throughout development, sharing early builds and sourcing their feedback to help make this game amazing.” 

The original Underworld launched way back in 1992 and stood as an icon for what RPGs would become. By introducing 3D immersion, a player-authored experience, and an open world to explore, players have been expecting a follow up to this brilliant title – a challenge OtherSide has readily taken up.

“The original Underworld games broke new ground in the world of video game RPGs, and the Ascendant team is committed to innovation at that level,” said Warren Spector, studio director, OtherSide Entertainment. “Early builds already prove that, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Underworld Ascendant will launch 2018 via Steam.