GTA 5 Should be Banned Says U.S. Senator

With the recent Sandy Hook tragedy, it's no secret that some people are looking into obvious scapegoats to have someone to blame. Just a few days ago, uneducated people somehow connected BioWare's Mass Effect franchise to the shooting and are blaming the game for what happened.

Now, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin is going back to one of the most-controversial videogame franchises of all time to have someone new to blame. I am, of course, talking about the Grand Theft Auto franchise — which, in this case, is GTA 5.

In an interview with MSNBC (via DailyKos), Manchin, who's an avid gun user and huntsman, states that he has no plans in selling his guns and has been discussing the issue with the NRA (National Rifle Association). Further along the inerview, he also claims that he's friends with the NRA and that's he's "proud" of the association — say what?

Here's what Marchin had to say regarding the NRA and how he's "proud" of them.

These are my friends…They’re good people. They’re hurting. They’re in pain the same way as every American about what happened to these twenty little children. And I’m not going to let anybody be villainized

I’m so proud of the NRA…I’m so pleased they agreed to be part of this.

If that wasn't befuddling enough, Manchin then spent most of the interview putting focus on mental health issues and — you guessed it — videogames.

Manchin states later in the interview, "Look at Grand Theft Auto, put out by Rockstar Games in New York City and see what it promotes," and even adds, "Shouldn’t that be looked into and maybe be banned?"

So instead of talking about how to better keep guns away from "unbalanced" people, Manchin focuses on suggesting that Grand Theft Auto 5 be banned? I don't know about you, but I highly doubt that banning GTA 5  — or any other videogame for that matter — will result in the crime rate dropping or for tragedies like what just happened in Connecticut to not just happen. 

For more on why we don't think videogames is the instigator that some politicans claim it out to be, read our feature on the matter and see if you agree.

Do you think that Manchin has a point and that Grand Theft Auto 5 should be looked into before it's release next year? Or is he grasping at straws to put the blame on everything and anyone without looking at the obvious?