For Honor Goes F2P This Weekend

The epic struggle between Knights, Vikings and Samurai has been going on since February, when Ubisoft’s hack and slash offering For Honor first launched. Things started going downhill when the game amassed a whopping 4,000 negative reviews on Steam, with players citing unstable connections and excessive grind as major concerns.

But Ubisoft took the complaints in its stride, releasing periodic updates to smooth over connection issues, introduce quit penalties for fairer matches, and bundling in dedicated servers to make 4v4 matches run faithfully.

If you’ve been meaning to try out For Honor, now’s a good time as any (Ubi-mad not to give it a go). Ubisoft announced a free weekend (applicable to all platforms) which goes live August 10 (3am EST) and ends August 13 (8pm EST) for PlayStation and Xbox users. The PC free weekend runs from August 10 (1am EST) to August 13 (4pm EST) and will be available through Steam.

The final of the For Honor International Tournament takes place this August 12.