Having a Miner Meltdown is Always More Fun on Steam

If you like to whistle while you work, Miner Meltdown is a team-based mineral hunting multiplayer title that has just taken up residency on Steam. Just like the seven dwarves, you’ll need to avoid traps and environmental pitfalls in a dingy mine while obliterating the opposing team. The rules are simple: each team collects points for killing enemies (or neutral monsters) and whoever has gathered more by the end of the round wins.

All maps are generated randomly and are totally destructible, guaranteeing a unique playthrough each time. You’ll also need to scour through the mines in search of gold, which can give you that competitive edge in battle. Although Miner Meltdown is multiplayer, you have the option of playing online with other Steam users or going solo against bots. There are also three different game types to try out: Deathmatch, Crazy King, and Diamond Dash.

Miner Meltown has just released via Steam. Interested players can pick it up with a 30% discount for $4.89 USD (normal price $6.99 USD).