PS Plus Fees Increase for Europe & Australia, US may be Next

UPDATE: The US price rise may be reserved for next year. Other countries affected by the changes include South Africa and New Zealand. 

If you’re in Europe or Australia, the cost of a PlayStation Plus subscription is going up from August 31. An email issued from Sony explained that the price hike would affect all three plans, with prices increasing from £5.99/$9.95 to £6.99/$10.95 per month, £14.99/$27.95 to £19.99/$33.95 per quarter, and £39.99/$69.95 to £49.99/$79.95 per annum. Sony hasn’t made any official comments on a US price increase, however, given the timing of last year’s membership fee changes, the likelihood is high.

No specific details were given in regards to new service features or updates, but we’ll report back if the situation changes. Anyone who still wants to pay the old price for a PlayStation Plus subscription should get in now. This month’s line-up of games includes free-flying action adventure Just Cause 3Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry and Snake Ball. 

Film streaming service Netflix also recently hiked up its monthly fee in Australia by up to 20%, sending many users into a collective rage.