Stylish 2D Platformer Bleed Coming to Current Gen Consoles

From the ashes of the Xbox Live Indie Games Program comes Bleed, that smash hit action-platformer starring a girl with big dreams and searing magenta hair. Wryn wants to be the ultimate video game hero, but to earn that title, she’ll need to plough through seven gruelling levels that are all about skill.

Bleed comes with a unique control scheme that’s tailored to the frenzied style of gameplay, and four different difficulty levels which switch up both boss patterns and enemy locations. If you beat the game as Wryn, there are three more characters to unlock, each with their own unique characteristics. A two player local co-op mode doubles the fun, and for the completionists out there, trophies and achievements have been added to celebrate the initiation to current gen gaming.

Bleed is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in late August for $9.99 USD/€9.99. Interested players can pre-order Bleed for Xbox One here with a 20% discount.