Minimal Block Puzzler Unlucky 13 Nails Simple but Captivating

Developer Total Eclipse’s latest puzzle title Unlucky 13 might look easy, but its block matching antics are sure to bring some challenge to your daily routine. Constructed in a swift three month period, Unlucky 13 tasks players with making lines of tiles using any colour. However, if you connect 13 or more similarly coloured tiles together, that’s the end of the round.

Like Total Eclipse’s former title A Clockwork Brain, Unlucky 13 demands skill and strategy and is a ‘brain-training’ game of sorts. It features more than 40 different shaped blocks, energetic music and sound effects, and much like Tetris, you need to quickly arrange their placement on the grid. Throughout the levels, there are dozens of unique themes to unlock and power-ups that will give you a second chance and turn your luck around.

Unlucky 13 is out now through the App Store and Google Play Store for free.