Portal Knights Content Update Brings New Armours, Quests And More

505 Game’s Portal Knights has just received a substantial update, adding a bunch of new content to the Co-op, dungeon-based RPG.

Besides the usual bug fixes and improvements, the update brings a new event with 3 quests, 9 new armour sets, new dog variants and a Mediterranean-themed island map. The update is out now for PC players via Steam, however, PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait a while till it drops on their relevant platform.

Here’s what to expect with the update:

  • Kolemis Temple Trials Event, which includes three quests:
    • Trial of Strength
    • Trial of Delving
    • Trial of Agility
  • Unlock a new Mediterranean themed island for completing the 3 trials
  • Visit the new merchant building complex with three NPC Merchants
  • Recipes for nine new sets of Armor
  • Three new Dog pet variants
  • Dungeon variety improvements
  • Option to toggle the split screen direction
  • And more!

Having played Portal Knights myself, I’ve found it both an intense and relaxing experience which shines when played with friends. check out my First Impressions on the game here.

Portal Knights is a seemingly borderless RPG which gently nestles between the tactical action of titles games like Dungeon Defenders and cathartic exploration of environmentally rich worlds like Minecraft or Terraria. It’s continuous change and incredibly smoothed out edges will keep players involved and excited every time they fire up a new portal and venture out.

Portal Knights is out now for PS4, PC and Xbox One.