Valve Banned 40,000 After Steam Summer Sale

Steam’s summer sale has come and gone – and so have 40,000 cheating accounts. On July 6, 2017, Valve banned just over 40,000 steam accounts breaking their previous record of 15,227 in October 2016. Most of the bans came from cheaters playing CS: GO, while cheaters can always just create another account, they will lose their rank, progress, items and the game in its entirety.

In total, $9,580 worth of CS:GO Weapon skins were lost due to Valve Anti-cheat. according to site VAC bans prohibit accounts from connecting to Valve’s servers, which render their in-game purchased skins and items useless.

Take a look at the subreddit VAC_Porn to see righteous revenge on the annoying cheaters.


Cheating has got to be one of the most annoying peeves in any industry, not only gaming. The only issue is with gaming’s easy access to cheating tools and exploits the solution falls upon the creators to fix and alter – and if developers are time-strapped or aren’t providing enough support, it can completely destroy a game. Luckily with Steam’s VAC, developers don’t need to employ their own anti-cheating tools as it’s been already provided to them, all that developers need to do is support VAC.

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