Gears of War 4 July Update Is Now Available

The latest update for Gears of War 4 has just been released, altering Horde Mode and introducing two new maps into the multiplayer mix.

The first map, Raven Down, is a remake of the original map from Gears of War 3, while Reclaimed Windflare is a modified version of Reclaimed.

In addition to the two new maps, there will also be two events, the first being a 24/7 playlist of multiple game modes on Raven Down, and the second is a variant of Horde called ‘Anything Goes’, pitting the player against 50 waves of randomised enemies.

Check out the full list of changes below:

Gears of War 4 July Update Patch Notes

  • Players shot at point-blank range in cover will no longer receive reduced damage
  • Players can no longer survive under the avalanche on Avalanche
  • Players can no longer capture the rings in KOTH on Avalanche from below the balconies
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to keep weapons after a change in Arms Race
  • Fixed an issue where players could leave a Ranked Lobby just as they join one without being aware, resulting in a suspension
  • Updated Palace Guard dialogue to match their intended voice
  • Improved Oscar’s dialogue tuning to match improvements for other characters in the Rise of the Horde update
  • Horde: Reduced effectiveness of spawn manipulation on Security
  • Horde: The Sniper’s ‘Called Shot’ mark ability now works when using a turret
  • Horde: A Scout using Cloak will not break Cloak by roadie running in cover
  • Horde: Enemies killed by Explosive Headshots will no longer reset the Magic Bullet Multiplier
  • Improvements to the Lightning Weapon Skin set animation
  • Fixed display issues with YJeter’s Lancer Skin
  • Added 21 new Country Emblems (available in Gear Packs and Craftable)
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements