Sci-Fi Management Game Starsector Receives Comprehensive Update

Currently in development, Fractal Softworks’ Starsector was just updated with a whole list of changes affecting mechanics, campaign abilities and more. Starsector is an open-world space combat RPG with a focus on management and exploration. Players can pilot space ships, customise the loadout before plunging into battle, and take advantage of different events to trade goods and make a profit. The Ferengi would know all about that.

Some of the recent gameplay additions include: an injection of more hand-crafted star systems, revamped fighter and carrier mechanics, extra campaign abilities, new ships, and a revamped skill system. What’s more, players will now be able to repair damaged ships and bring them into their fleet, as well as carry out planetary surveys and salvage operations to secure greater economic stability.

Interested players can pre-order Starsector (PC & Mac) right here. An alpha demo version of the game is also available for PC, Mac and Linux.