TimeSplitters Rewind Will Be Free On Launch

Little news has come from the team behind TimeSplitters Rewind leaving fans wondering as to when we will receive something regarding development progress or even hype material – until now. The TimeSplitters Rewind team have released an update on progress and have confirmed that the game will be free to all.

Originally announced PC & PS4 in 2015, the fan-made remake of Crytek’s TimeSplitters series features characters, maps, and weapons from all three games completely rebuilt all then rolled together into one multiplayer shooter. But don’t expect anything less from this remake, Crytek gave their blessing on the project so best believe it’s going to up to standards. 

The main update is that the game is approaching a release and will launch initially with “a small section of the game, a small number of characters, weapons, game-modes and maps” that will grow over time as the TimeSplitters Rewind team “continue the mammoth task of creating the hundreds of individual unique assets from all three TimeSplitters games“.

Seems about right considering the team isn’t profiting off this project – that and it’s a considerably large amount of work for the team working on it.

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