Power Solitaire VR Switches Up Formula of a Classic Card Game

Sure, you’ve played Solitaire on PC, and maybe even on mobile, but what about in virtual reality? Parkerhill Reality Labs is bringing the classic card game you know and love to VR with a bunch of crazy new twists. You can play alone, take part in online multiplayer, or up against a robot who’s seemingly able to control cards just by using his eyes. Multiplayer supports four player matches and includes virtual avatar interactions, as well as voice chat functionality for a more social experience.

Power Solitaire VR requires Oculus Controllers which transform into your hands within the game. As anyone who’s experienced VR knows, it feels totally bizarre looking down to see human flesh replaced with something digital. Nevertheless, this is part of the game’s immersion.

Power Solitaire VR is out now through Steam and the Oculus Store for $4.99 USD. PSVR, Google Daydream, Samsung GearVR and Windows 10 Mixed Reality editions are also in the works.