Pre-order Metroid: Samus Returns Now

Get your hands on retro the scrolling shooter, Metroid: Samus Returns as soon as it releases.

Announced at E3 this year, old school and 3DS fans were pleased to see a beautiful 3D reimagining of the 1991 Gameboy title Samus Returns.

  • This action-packed, side-scrolling shooter has been completely remade with engaging and immersive 3D visuals and a rich, atmospheric color palette
  • Classic Metroid II – Return of Samus gameplay is joined by a wealth of new content, including a set of brand new abilities that utilizes a mysterious energy resource called “Aeion,”
  • A powerful Melee counterattack, and 360-degree Free aim mode.
  • There are plenty of secrets to Find-and if you uncover enough of them, you may even start to unravel the mystery of planet SR388’s past.
  • RP: Rating pending

Pre-order the title, here.

If you fancy something more modern, Nintendo did announce that there will be a new Metroid Prime title coming out for the Switch.

Metroid Prime 4 is the game Metroid fans have been longing for since 2007. Has it really been ten whole years since Metroid Prime 3: Corruption came out for Wii? Revealed at E3, Metroid Prime 4 was teased via a short trailer that showed off a conspicuous number 4 emblazoned logo, but no gameplay. The latest entry in the Metroid Prime series won’t be developed by Retro Studios (responsible for the first three titles), but retains Nintendo Producer Kensuke Tanabe, part of the Metroid Prime trilogy team. Metroid Prime 4 is currently being developed for Nintendo Switch and will be releasing 2018 or later. We’re hoping that the game turns out great.