Cinematic 2D Sidescroller Unto The End Revealed at E3

Indie crew 2 Ton Studios took its love for games like Inside, For Honor and Punch-Out!! and forged it into a beautiful looking platformer. At E3, that platformer was revealed as Unto The End, a 2D singleplayer experience which takes players through wintry wilderness on a quest for vengeance.

You play as a father whose family was ravaged by a ferocious beast. Refusing to give up, he awakens with new found purpose, anger running through his veins, death aching to escape from his sword. Unto The End features unforgiving skill-based sword combat, cluey opponents, wild animals hungry for a piece of meat, and exploration through stylised environments. Consequences for decisions you make impact the overarching narrative, so multiple playthroughs can turn out very differently from one another.

Unto The End is expected to release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during 2018. You can stay up to date with the latest updates by following the game on Twitter.