RE5: Lost in Nightmares new enemy and screenshots

Capcom has updated it’s Japanese Resident Evil 5 site, revealing a new “Hideous creature of the flesh”, the creature is set to feature in the upcoming Lost in Nightmares episode coming next year.

lost in mercenaries new creature
re 5 gold edition new creature

The creature seems to carry a key like anchor of some sort, similar to the Executioner Majini(A large Majini armed with a huge axe, encountered in the public assembly in the town area) but instead of an axe carries his own deadly weapon. According to an English translation(google translator) of the character card, players can hunt down the beast to obtain heavy weapons such as a sickle.

Capcom has also released a few screenshots of the Lost in Nightmares DLC which can be viewed here.

Release dates of all the new content coming for Resident Evil 5 is given below:

Resident evil 5 dlc schedule