Overkill is Giving Away Free Copies of Payday 2 For a Limited Time

Overkill is giving away 5 million free permanent copies of their heist fps title, Payday 2, in anticipation of their upcoming Payday 2: Ultimate Edition.

The free version of Payday 2 will, unfortunately, not include the loads and loads of DLC that have been released over the years – players will also have a hard time finding the DLC packs as stores are beginning to the pull DLC purchased down for the Ultimate Edition, which will include all the DLCs and updates to date in one big bundle.

Players should note that the free download of Payday 2 will also include the upcoming VR version of Payday, so you can slide directly into the shoes of a famed bank robber.

I’m sure fans who recently bought the game must’ve been pissed off about this announced, but I guess it’s a pretty good move to make sure that the title has a large enough player base for when Payday 2 VR launches.

The Ultime Edition will feature 55 heists, 18 playable characters, 77 primary weapons, 51 secondary weapons, and lastly, 82 melee weapons.

After that, all DLC will say “goodbye” to the Steam store and merge into one big Ultimate Edition bundle together with the base game. All future updates for PAYDAY 2 will be released for FREE as we’ll keep supporting and adding content to PAYDAY 2. If you didn’t get a chance to purchase DLC before the 8th of June, an upgrade option to the Ultimate Edition will be available.”