Tekken 7 Patch 1.02 Detailed, Available Now for PS4; Xbox One and PC Scheduled to Release Next Week

Bandai Namco has announced that patch 1.02 for their recently released fighter title, Tekken 7, is now live on PS4 consoles.

The patch fixes a slew of problems including online matchmaking, overall stability and much more. The patch is now live for PS4, however, Xbox One and PC users will have to wait until next week.

Check out the full list of updates down below:

  • We’ve improved the Online Matching Functionality
  • The following player information will no longer be displayed before a match:
    • Character selected
    • Wins
    • Rank
    • Title
  • Connection with other players can be established more frequently
  • We’ve improved overall stability

The MATCHLIST has also been tentatively removed to improve online matching functionality.

Regarding the voice that:

  • We’ve added an ON/OFF feature for voice chat
    • ON/OFF for voice chat added to OPTION menu.
  • Set to OFF as default setting.

Regarding other various bugs, some characters’ move properties were corrected:

  • Nina’s Ivory Cutter attack properties.

And we’re not done: the TEKKEN team is actively working on improving the game experience and investigating the issues you’ve reported to us. Stay tuned on here and official social media channels for more info in the near future!

Here at Gameranx we had a chance to play through the game and made a special Before You Buy video on the recently released title. That’s the series where we give you our straight up impressions about the game and mix in a little gameplay for your liking. Check out the video here.

Tekken 7 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.