Ubisoft Free Weekend For PC Players; Features Steep, The Division And Trials Fusion

Ubisoft is hosting another free trial weekend for those playing on PC master-race. The available titles are Steep, The Division and Trials Fusion.

Steep is massive open-world snowboarding title which allows players to ski, snowboard parachute or squirrel-suit across the snowy Alps. It’s also co-op so a buddy and you can explore the world together.

While the Division had an extremely rocky launch with huge outrage from fans regarding the delays and blatant downgrades, The Division has actually ended up performing well due to the team’s great update support and the introduction of DLCs that provide content people actually want.

Finally, Trials Fusion is a platforming motorbike title which follows the same basic mechanics those motorbike flash games you used to play back in 2006 did. Players will need to traverse over obstacles while maintaining balance to upgrade rider gear and your motorbike. There is also a racing component to the title which functions pretty much the same as Excitebike.

The games unlock tomorrow, June 9, but you canĀ pre-load them right now through Ubisoft’s Uplay store. The free weekend is available across regions and will conclude on June the 12th.

Trying your hand at all three titles? Or will you just stick to one (The Division, do it)? Let us know in the comments section below.