Battleborn May Be Free To Play Soon

Following a recent patch update for Gearbox and 2k publisher’s MOBA, Battleborn, it seems that the underperforming title may be heading into the F2P realm.

The extensive patch has added loads and loads of random cosmetic items such as hats, ears and other bits nonsense to make your character look that little bit extra. This along with new loot boxes, and what would appear to be a new title of ‘Founder’ for existing players, hints that Gearbox may be following the business model of other popular free to play titles – especially considering that the daily player base for PC players is just under 100 concurrent players.

HATS! HORNS! EARS! Oh, my! We’ve added a new visual Gear Flair system to Battleborn! Hunt down visual aesthetic customization enhancements to make your favorite Battleborn look SWANK! Flair has a random chance to be added to any gear item. To wear a piece of Flair, activate that Gear item within any match or mission. 

  • Hats

  • Ears

  • Horns

In my opinion, Battleborn isn’t the worst title out there, sure it may not be the best multiplayer experience but it’s still an inherently decent game – the mechanics, visuals, it’s not a complete disaster – and it features split screen. Who knows perhaps the prospect of crossing over into the F2P realm may financially save the title, let us know your thoughts in the comments below