PlayStation 3 Production is Officially Over, Says Sony

According to the Japanese PlayStation website, production of the PlayStation 3 is now over. After 11 years in circulation, the website has listed it’s shipment of the 500GB model as ‘complete’. Four years have gone by since Sony stopped production of PlayStation 2, the previous iteration of the console, which also holds the title of best-selling console of all time. PlayStation 2 churned out more than 155 million units; in comparison, PlayStation 3 achieved a very respectable 84 million (approximately).

As we mark the end of its life cycle, it’s nice to reminisce over some of the changes PlayStation 3 introduced. It was the first PlayStation to enable digital downloads through an online store, the PlayStation Network. It brought internal storage, blu-ray compatibility, and wireless DualShock controllers. And of course, the infamous subscription service, PlayStation Plus was unveiled.

From here, Sony moves forward with PlayStation 4 (which recently received a basic firmware update) PlayStation 4 Pro, and its virtual reality offering the PlayStation VR. Last month, Niko Partners Analyst Daniel Ahmad suggested that PlayStation 4 sales had enough momentum to pass PlayStation 2 sales over the next 12 months.