HTC Announces ‘Revolutionary’ New Standalone VR Headset

A new virtual reality headset that allows users to escape meatspace without the distraction of phones and computers is on the table, HTC has confirmed. In contrast to current generation devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the headset will contain all the necessary machinery to operate without external assistance. In other words, cords will be a thing of the past, and its very likely that game-tracking base stations will also disappear. We are on the cusp of achieving what The Sims characters had access to for entertainment in 2000.

Vive Standalone VR Product

Google revealed today that Daydream (its VR platform designed to accommodate the Daydream View headset) is expanding to include standalone VR headsets. HTC’s announcement is a world first, but considering the competitive nature of VR, we’re expecting rival companies like Oculus VR and Sony to chime in as well. We’re not sure of the price or release date, however, we do know the headset will offer positional tracking to achieve a better sense of realism and help users look around and move within their virtual playground.