Gory Top-Down Shooter Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Available Today

Strategy shooter Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is finally ready to thrill PC players with the same magic as Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 cult-classic film. Freshly launched on Steam, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days lets players embrace the identities of the iconic film characters, operate heists, and steal cash like there’s no tomorrow.

Each character is blessed with unique passive abilities that are great for heists, and bad for businesses. There are 18 levels to work through, but with limited ammunition and no health packs whatsoever, engineering a careful tactical plan becomes essential. As a tribute to the film, developer Big Games included a ‘Time Rewind’ feature which allows players to switch up their strategy, erase past mistakes and forge a new path through a bloody, tumultuous world.

Interested players can check out Reservoir Dogs through Steam (PC, Mac) for $13.49 USD (currently 10% off). Console versions (presumably both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) are expected to release later this year.