Rocket League Announces Partnership With WWE; First Major Televised Commercial to Happen This Weekend

Rocket League has been gaining more traction than ever as the indie developer Pysonix has announced a new partnership with the major wrestling corporation WWE.

If you have been watching WWE lately, you would have noticed that the current promotion for Backlash, Smackdown Live’s upcoming pay-per-view, was Rocket League. However, the full partnership announcement happened earlier today.

Psyonix took to their blog to announce that during this weekend’s filled WWE festivities – NXT Takeover Chicago and WWE Backlash, Rocket League will be receiving its first televised commercial for the game.

“As WWE fans ourselves, we are well aware of WWE’s strong capabilities as a strategic marketing partner,” said Jeremy Dunham, Vice President, Publishing, Psyonix. “WWE has proven time and again that they know how to execute fantastic integrated programming, and with an audience that has similar interests to our own, it was only natural that we team up to see what we could do together.”

Similarly enough, John Brody – WWE Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Partnerships – was equally excited for the partnership with Psyonix and WWE. Brody said the following:

“The integrated partnership with Psyonix will provide Rocket League with an opportunity to utilize WWE’s global platforms and reach our passionate fan base, many of whom are avid gamers. We look forward to working with Rocket League as we collectively build customized one-stop shopping programs to reach their consumers.”

Lastly, Psyonix has detailed that the WWE YouTube Channel UpUpDownDown, hosted by Xavier Woods from the New Day, will also be dedicating 6 episodes of Rocket League to the channel. If you want to see some WWE superstars duke it out in the arena make sure to keep tabs on the YouTube channel.

With all the excitement with Rocket League, will you be returning this weekend to play? Are you watching this weekend’s WWE events? Let us know in the comments below!