The Surge PS4 Download Size Revealed


The download size for the upcoming Dark Souls-style post-apocalyptic RPG, The Surge has been revealed. When viewed directly from the PS4, the listing reveals that the action role-playing game is going to require 5.42 GB of free space on the hard drive of the console.

If you don’t know what the game is about, check out the launch trailer and an excerpt of what to expect below:

“A catastrophic event has knocked you out during the first day on the job… you wake up equipped with a heavy-grade exoskeleton, in a destroyed section of the complex. Robots gone haywire, insane augmented co-workers and rogue AI – everything wants you dead.

Defy deadly enemies and huge bosses in tight, visceral melee combat. Target and slice specific limbs off your foes, with a next-gen loot system where you loot what you dismember. Equip, upgrade and craft new weapons and armors sliced from enemies, and make yourself stronger through a fresh take on leveling-up.”

Key Features
• Tight, visceral hardcore action RPG combat with make-shift industrial weapons
• A unique dismemberment and upgrade system utilizing cybernetic implants
• Fight in a dystopian world full of mystery and learn about the events surrounding The Surge
• Battle an array of huge industrial bosses
• Craft, upgrade and build new weapons with loot and blueprints

Are you excited for The Surge? Let us know in the comments below. The Surge is launching on May 16th for the PlayStation 4 as well as the PC and Xbox One.