Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Skins Released


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 hasn’t been performing as well as we thought, what with its crazy load times and seemingly unpolished attire, but at least we have new skins right? Right??

Available to purchase from today, prices range from around $1 – $2.99 – the decision is purely up to you whether you need them or not as it changes only the cosmetics of the guns.

  • Weapons Skins – Unicamo, Hexagon Ice & Copperhead
  • Weapons Skins – Grass Wave & Copperhead Snake
  • Weapon Skin – Death Pool
  • Weapons Skins – Africa Tech, Grass Wave & Death Pool
  • Weapon Skin – Unicamo
  • Weapon Skins – Unicamo & Death Pool
  • Weapon Skin – Africa Tech
  • Weapon Skin – Grass Wave
  • Weapon Skins – Africa Tech & Hexagon Ice
  • Weapon Skin – Hexagon Ice
  • Weapon Skins – Hexagon Ice & Death Pool
  • Weapon Skins – Copperhead Snake

Go behind enemy lines to help the resistance and discover what has happened to Jonathan North’s younger brother, Robert. With three sprawling open-world maps set in the country of Georgia, it’s up to the player how he or she would like to approach each mission. Will you snipe from afar, creep in the shadows, or go in guns blazing? Only by perfecting all three tiers will you become a true Sniper Ghost Warrior.

How have you found Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 so far? Worth your time? Let us know in the comments below.