Dota 2 To Receive A Co-op Campaign in May

The valve adaptation of Warcraft 3’s custom map, Defense of The Ancients, DOTA 2, will be receiving a tasty co-op campaign set to release later this month, however to access it, players will require a Battle Pass that’s always released prior to The International, the game’s biggest annual esports tournament.

The co-op campaign Siltbreaker, requires 4 players and is split up into two acts. Act 1 sees players exploring the Dark Reef. Act 2 will release in July and playing the campaign will earn players experience points for Wheel of Rewards spins.

But don’t think that’s the only reason to get a Battle Pass, players who snag one will be able to participate in Battle Point Tributes for tokens which can be spent on wagers; Team Quests for completing various goals, either solo or with a team; the ability to “double down” on Match Making Rating, loss or gain at the beginning of Ranked matches; and the chance for ten Battle Pass owners to win a Relic that can be used on every hero each week. The battlepass will also include extra cosmetics for those who like to spruce their heroes up. There are still loads of other benifits, check out the official page for full information, here.

The base Battle Pass can be purchased for USD $9.99, but you can jump start to level 75 (and receive a huge number of extra rewards) by buying the Mega Bundle for USD $36.99. Additional levels can be purchased in intervals of 5, 11, and 24 for USD $2.49/$4.99/$9.99.

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