Ben Heck Fixes SNES PlayStation Prototype Console

It’s been known for decades now that Sony and Nintendo were once working together in a feat to combine a CD-Rom drive for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. That partnership has since gone south leaving only memories of a supposed upcoming console and a few images of the prototype.

However, it wasn’t long ago that one individual managed to get his hand on a unit which was apparently passed down from his father who happened to came across it from a friend that use to work for Nintendo. This news came through a past report made by Nintendo Life, though it seemed that the CD-ROM section of the console was not in working order.

That is until Ben Heck was able to power up the console in full, again thanks to a report made by Nintendo Life. The YouTube content creator was able to showcase some of the testing he had to deal with when first attempting to get the hardware up and running even though there are supposedly no video game titles available for it to test it on.

This console is not only a major discovery but an incredible journey that Ben Heck had to go through to power the Sony CD-ROM up. Now the hunt continues to see if there were any video game prototypes that was in the works for this unreleased console. Take a look at the Ben Heck Show upload within the video embedded above.