Pokemon Go Server Update Reportedly Adds More Rural Spawns

Since the launch of the Pokemon Go application, everyone from young to old was out moving about in order to catch them all once again. The phenomenon that is Pokemon Go allowed gamers to become their own Pokemon trainer as they attempted to track down various Pokemon around their local area, catch them, and claim gym locations.

However, it seemed that for some gamers around the world, there is one major issue, the lack of living in or near a city. This has meant that there are fewer spots to claim items, gyms, and ultimately Pokemon.

That’s been something that rural players have been hoping the developers, Niantic, would change. It seems that according to a report made by Gamerant, a server update has started to adjust the Pokemon spawns in rural areas of the world.

According to Gamerant, they spotted reports from gamers online suggesting that there is an increase of up to 15% with Pokemon spawns. This might not be the biggest jump for spawn rates, but we’re sure that rural players who have been facing with droughts when it comes to the variety of Pokemon in their location will gladly accept.

Unfortunately, the developers did not release any patch notes over the server update which means nothing official has been revealed yet. At any rate, because this has been a growing issue since the Pokemon Go video game launched, seeing adjustments in rural spawns wouldn’t be all that surprising.

Do you live in a rural area? If so, have you noticed a slight increase with Pokemon spawns near your location? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.