Modder Making Descent in Unreal Engine 3

You remember Descent, right? Super revolutionary first person space shooter released back in 1994? A lot of gamers have fond memories for the PC game, and the game is still in a class of its own, with not many others quite like it. One modder wants to enjoy the game in today's visuals, and has dedicated himself to making sure it happens.

If you've ever played PC games, you know what modders can do. Even still, this is a rather large undertaking as the modder named Max has begun recreating the game in Unreal Engine 3. The mod is simply called Descent to UDK for now. According to Eurogamer, Max isn't making an exact remake, so you may be disappointed as he wants to "offer more diverse gameplay" and "emphasize the gamer's horror elements". He may also add new weapons.

Interested? Check out the trailer below and see if you like it. It's only in its very early stages but it looks pretty good already. If you've got modding skills (particularly in 3D modeling and graphics) and decide you want to be a part of bringing a part of your memories back to life, email Max at [email protected]