Hardcore Sandbox RPG ‘Steam Hammer’ Launches Into Closed Beta

Set in the late 19th century, Steam Hammer is a steampunk sandbox game tinged with survival elements. Successfully kickstarted last year to the tune of $50,000 USD, it promises a smoky open world environment, the freedom to craft tools and machinery, modify immediate environments, and a multi-class system that lets players choose the profession of their dreams. Did I mention there are jetpacks? There are.

There’s also a pretty dark story forming the backbone of Steam Hammer, which involves the Victorian Empire literally driving its workers mad, ancient gods and cataclysms – more details are on the kickstarter page. Aside from crafting and modification, a levelling system keeps players invested in upgrading their skills, and combat adds a nice slice of variety with edged weapons, electric weapons or firearms.

Steam Hammer is expected to release sometime in 2017 and will initially launch through Steam’s early access program. Though it’s still a work-in-progress, interested players can access the beta today for $11.99 USD.