Offworld Trading Company Jupiter’s Forge Expansion Revealed

Jupiter’s Forge is the first expansion to launch for Offworld Trading Company. The announcement came from Stardock and Mohawk Games through a press release where we learned that the upcoming expansion will take players to the volcanic moon of Io where turning a profit will prove to be difficult.

With a new location comes new factions that players will have to battle against to bring in the most amount of money. For instance, The Diadem Trust is a group that is very capable of building improved versions of advanced structures. The Penrose Collective is another faction that will be able to return claims at any time and also builds two headquarters during the start of a game.

Gamers who are up for a challenge, the expansion brings in a 1000 Map Challenge which offers players to place themselves on a leaderboard with other community members.

Each map will have their own individual leaderboard which should make for some friendly competition against other fans of the Offworld Trading Company video game. Along with a new campaign with a series of other challenges to complete, Jupiter’s Forge also includes new resources, buildings, structures, patents, black market events, and map events.

While there is no specific release date for the expansion quite yet, it will see a launch at some point late this Spring.