Frictional Games’ SOMA Receives Tobii Eye Tracking For Extra Layer of Fear

Psychological horror SOMA unleashed its unsettling examination of consciousness and human identity two years ago, and was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. Today, the highly acclaimed title will inject an extra dimension of fear into gameplay thanks to Tobii eye tracking support.

According to the description on the Tobii Gaming website, eye-tracking is a form of peripheral technology that complements the standard gaming setup – keyboards, mice and gamepads – with the natural input of your eyes. An eye-tracker carefully monitors the movement of your eyes using cameras and illuminators, and helps to create a “more immersive, natural and intuitive experience”. The addition of Tobii eye-tracking to SOMA is therefore designed to intensify the general feeling of terror, forcing the player to become a second controller and experience the atmosphere of the game in a more tangible, direct fashion. SOMA follows in the footsteps of The Division and Assassin’s Creed Rogue, which also came with Tobii eye tracking at their respective launches.

We reviewed SOMA and thought it was pretty terrifying. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s currently 66% off over at Steam (PC, Mac, Linux) and will set you back $10.19 USD.