Hideo Kojima Showcases His Daily Work Schedule For Death Stranding

When it comes to video game development, some fans might not have a clue as to what developers go through on a daily basis. Looking at big title releases such as Death Stranding, there are bound to be full days of work ahead for Hideo Kojima, though we now know how the famed developer handles his daily work schedule.

Thanks to a report made by Gamerant, we got word that Hideo Kojima alerted fans of his work schedule through his personal Twitter account. It’s within a series of tweets that Hideo explains how he works on Death Stranding each and every day.

Being a director and head of such a massive project ultimately means a very busy schedule.

Hideo Kojima explains that he does game creation each and every day which includes writing, setting, making specs, and game design. Further breaking the process down, Kojima explains that checking in on Death Stranding means looking at the models, background, lighting, movements, camera, sound, and effects on a daily basis.

If something does happen to come up that needs to be solved, Kojima will offer ideas that could potentially bring in a more satisfying result. Regardless, we’re still very much in the dark as to what Death Stranding is even about.

For the most part, we’ve only received two trailers for the video game and neither offers any explanation as to what is going on within the narrative. With E3 coming around in just a few short months, we’re hoping that Kojima can delight us with a premise towards the video game.