Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Stuns With New Characters Trailer

The time has flown by since Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom was successfully kickstarted to the tune of $139,865 uSD back in 2014. Its blend of fantasy RPG with anime inspired visuals promises to soothe the hearts of traditional RPG fans, and now that the game’s release date is so achingly close, developer Enigami has released a trailer that puts all the characters in the spotlight. Check out the video below:

The characters of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom were actually first conceived more than 20 years ago by Enigami’s co-founder, Samir Rebib. Today, all five playable characters are alive and kicking with their own distinct playstyles, personalities, and magical abilities:

  • Chado – This daring young Waki dreams of travelling far beyond his home town Kimpao – and this desire quickly lands him in big trouble!

  • Poky – A faithful friend to Chado, Poky has an incredible talent for engineering that makes up for his lack of courage.

  • Rosalya – Shy but loyal to the party, Rosalya has a powerful affinity with fire and is on the search for a mysterious truth.

  • Askel – A formidable young mercenary, the enigmatic Askel already has a far-reaching reputation in Mahera.

  • Kayenne – A strong, natural born leader, Kayenne remains calm in even the most difficult situations.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom will release on April 18 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.