Overwatch Director Shares His Thoughts on The Xbox Scorpio

Overwatch Director, Jeff Kaplan, recently shared his thoughts on Microsoft’s upcoming console: Xbox Scorpio. Speaking in an interview with IBTimesUK, he hinted towards Blizzard releasing a 4K version of Overwatch:

“With both the advancements that Sony and Microsoft have made to their platforms, we’re super-eager to support in whatever way we can. We take kind of a wait and see approach. Our engine team loves doing things like supporting. Any time we can make the game look better, they like supporting it. Obviously we’re supporting 4K on PC already, so it’s something the game is capable of doing. As long as we don’t break the game in some other way, or incur some technical cost that is prohibitive, we would obviously try to go along with the advancements, and be very supportive of advancements on all of our platforms.”

So there you have it – if the Scorpio is powerful enough (which I’m pretty sure it is) players can basically expect a 4k version of Overwatch.