Limited Run Games Unveils Ys Origin, Mutant Mudds And More

There are a number of great indie video game titles that never see a physical copy release. Instead, gamers who are interested in playing the title must purchase a copy digitally which may not be the most thrilling option for collectors.

If you enjoy collecting video game titles and wish to bypass a digital release for something more tangible then you might want to get familiar with Limited Run Games. This is a publisher that puts out a physical games for select digital titles on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

As the name suggests, the copies put out from Limited Run Games are limited meaning that once the stock sells out then there are no longer any physical copies available for purchase. In fact, all the titles released under Limited Run Games is numbered making it even more collectible.

Recently, the company has announced several video game titles that will be launching in the near future. According to the Limited Run Games website, Mutant Mudds Deluxe and Mutant Mudds Super Challenge are both being launched as a physical release.

Likewise, it was unveiled that Risk of Rain and Ys Origin will be coming soon from the publisher. You may want to take note that when it comes to Ys Origin, gamers will have the option to purchase a standard or Collector’s Edition of the game, though there is no word on what will be included in the Collector’s Edition.

So far there it’s not stated just when the video games will be available for purchase, but since the copies will be limited, you may want to keep a sharp eye out for when they pop up.