For Honor Community Schedules Blackout

For Honor is still a new video game title as it launched back on February 14, 2017. Developers Ubisoft and the community of players who picked up their medieval hack-and-slash title has been at odds to say the least and while gamers have continued to enjoy the video game online, that will soon change.

A new petition which has picked up significantly has called for the community of For Honor to cease playing the video game for 24 hours. The scheduled event will essentially cause a For Honor blackout as a message to Ubisoft.

There’s a number of issues that have come up when it comes to the video game community. Gamers have been falsely banned, the prices of Steel, lack of future plans being revealed, and more. Ideally, it seems that these issues could be resolved quickly and efficiently if Ubisoft allowed more of a direct communication with its fans.

Within the Reddit post that calls for the blackout, a number of requests have been made which we included from the post down below.


Unfortunately Ubisoft has not been communicating properly (or at least in my opinion). Our replies have been very vague and have left us with more questions than answers. Ubisoft, we are not asking you to send us a message everyday asking how are day was. However, we would like to know that we are being heard and that you acknowledge our issues. You guys have a really good idea with Warriors Den and although I personally have not watched, just by looking at the subreddit I can tell that you guys have not mentioned anything worth noting in here. Warriors den can be more informative.

Future Plans

We would like to know your future plans for the game. Such as future additions to the game (details are not necessary but say your goal for competitive play would be nice or character ideas you have had). The first step to know there will be a future for the game is being told that there will be a future for the game.


Steel seems to be an issue. I personally have not felt that it is an issue as I am very good at saving my steel but the community feels that they are being forced to buy steel. Possibly more rewarding Orders or more chances to get free boxes. That is up to you guys, you are the professionals. Or drop the cost of items such as emotes and executions. I was also told that the community want more Steel after matches.


I cannot offer any advice here. However this seems to be the issue everyone wants addressed first. I don’t care if you have to tweet us saying your fixing the servers every week thats good enough for me


Not everyone agrees with me on this one but I believe it would be nice to have a general idea of when changes will occur. Even if you tell us =they will come within the month or late May or what ever is good enough.

The blackout is set to take place on April 3, 2017, starting at 5 AM EST and it will last for the duration of the day. With over a 11,000 upvotes on the post, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of gamers who are interested in taking part by setting the game aside for one day.