LucasArts Fans Rejoice, Wacky Murder-Mystery Thimbleweed Park is Finally Out

Three years have elapsed since the 2014 reveal of Thimbleweed Park and its subsequent kickstarter project. Today, the classic charm of LucasArts adventure games has been resurrected into a brand-spanking new murder mystery, available worldwide on a range of gaming platforms.

An adventure game set in the eponymous town, Thimbleweed Park is a bizarre, rundown kind of place with a population of precisely 80 nutcases. The story begins when five individuals (all with equally weird background stories) are inexplicably drawn together following a murder, and set out on a puzzle-solving journey where the dead body is the least of anybody’s concerns.

Thimbleweed Park is available through Steam (PC, Mac & Linux), GOG, Xbox Live, the App Store and Google Play Store for $19.99 USD, with other platforms to follow. As per Guybrush Threepwood’s sage advice, never pay more than twenty dollars for a computer game.


Disclosure: Author supported Thimbleweed Park on kickstarter.