Non-Stop Action FPS ‘Last Man Standing’ Emerges as Free Steam Title

Free Reign Entertainment’s battle royale shooter Last Man Standing is celebrating its official launch on Steam by offering players an adrenaline-fuelled experience, absolutely free. There’s also a pretty nice incentive for finishing at the top of the monthly leaderboards – $10K worth of cold hard cash in prizes.

Gameplay centres around a dynamic warzone, where players compete against up to 100 other fighters all scavenging the environments for weapons and attachments to gain a competitive edge. Here’s a list of the features in more detail:

  • WEAPONS and ATTACHMENTS – You’ll find no shortage of ways to slay your competition with more than 30 weapons ranging from pistols, to shotguns, SMG’s, LMG’s, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and even a rocket launcher. Game also offers over a dozen of weapon attachments that can help you customize the way your weapon handles and suit it to fit your playstyle. Look for the special supply drops that periodically occur during game play to secure most powerful weapons and attachments.
  • ENDLESS CUSTOMIZATIONS – Earn vanity crates each time your character levels up by playing. Use the gear you find in those crates to customize your character with over 329+ unique taunt emotes, character cosmetic items and badass gun skins.
  • COMPETE LIKE A PRO – We have designed the competitive system to allow the opportunity for our most active and successful players to earn a living by simply playing Last Man Standing, participating in our seasonal and monthly tournaments as well as streaming Last Man Standing.
  • OPEN DEVELOPMENT – Last Man Standing is being developed directly based on community feedback and we’ve set up our forums and community pages to stream line this community-developer interaction.

Senior Game Designer Adam Skidmore describes Last Man Standing as “the ultimate eSports player’s game” on account of its fast-paced action, and its rating system that assesses player performance on a monthly basis. Even better, Last Man Standing  state-of-the-art anti-cheating measures to ensure competition is kept fair.  

Interested players can try out Last Man Standing right now through Steam (PC).