Battlefield 1 Wants To Make DLC Maps Accessible To More Players

Today, developer DICE has announced a new feature that will eliminate the previous issue of players being unable to play DLC maps with friends who don’t own them.

Premium Friends changes the way Battlefield 1’s DLC maps are handled by allowing players to access all DLC maps as long as at least one party member owns the game’s $50 Premium Pass.

However, there is a catch. Only the person who owns the Premium Pass, or anyone who owns the expansion pack containing the current map will gain experience. Everyone else will bank that XP, retroactively getting it if they opt to buy the content in the future.

Any weapons or vehicles in a given expansion will only be made available to those who own either the Premium Pass or that expansion. The same is true of any related medals or codexes for an expansion.

The Premium Friends feature will be enabled for a “test run” during the upcoming Battlefest event, which begins tomorrow, March 30th. In a blog post, DICE said, “We will pay close attention to your feedback on Premium Friends. It’s our goal to work towards molding this feature into something that embodies our commitment to you, our amazing community.”