Over 7,000 Pokemon Sun & Moon Players Have Been Banned

Pokemon Sun and Moon launched for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016. The video games marked as the first installments of the seventh generation of Pokemon video games. Now it seems that there are thousands of players who have been banned from online features after being caught altering their save files.

News regarding the ban came from a fan Pokemon website known as Serebii. It’s here that the author notes The Pokemon Company has revealed that over 7,000 Pokemon Sun and Moon players were banned from online activity.

This was because they were caught with altered saved data. With this ban, these gamers caught will not be able to access Game Sync, Rating Battles, Battle Competitions, and Global Missions. Instead, when these features are attempted by a banned account, the user will instead receive the error code 090-0212.

If you have an altered save game file and have not be banned then you may want to tread water carefully. It’s already been alerted that future bans can come without notice as both developers Game Freak and The Pokemon Company seek out to dispose of active accounts that they deemed to be faulty or used to cheat the overall game.

For now, it’s unknown just how you can unban your account if it was banned falsely other than pleading your case to Game Freak and The Pokemon Company support.